Converging TV, mobile, and social networks

About the project

The focus of the Next Generation Play project is on media convergence. We want to realize this convergence between established media, such as television and print, and locative social media such as cell phons. More specifically, our prototype provides a new form of media playspace for small groups that share a physical location and use cell phones to generate interconnected media experiences.


Development of our prototypes

The first iteration of the Next Generation Game prototype aimed to bridge mobile gaming and interactive TV experiences. It allows players to collect virtual objects while watching TV. Players automatically add these objects to their individual database. The second part of the NGP project works on handheld computers and utilizes those collected objects in a casual 2D multiplayer jump and run game. Depending on which players decide to play together a unique 2D game level is generated and filled with the virtual objects collected by the players involved. Each player, thus contributes to the level design in an indirect but significant way. The last stage of the development expands on the idea of sharing virtual media items. Instead of using it in a single game application, users can freely swap and activate different media item across multiple cell phones, effectively creating an item based media programming.

The project is supported by Alcatel-Lucent as part of their new University Innovations Program, facilitated by the Broadband Institute at Georgia Tech and conducted at the School for Literature, Communication, and Culture at Georgia Tech.

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